About Us

About Us

What Italyis Is the story of what we love most in our country.
It is a journey in its culture, history and wonders.

Made w/ love by a beautiful human collective.

andremeta - 1 post

Benedetto Bramante

Simone Bramante - 2 posts

@brahmino is one of the most celebrated creative photographers on Instagram in 2013, published on Forbes, Chicago Tribune. Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, ABC Cable TV. Based in Bologna, Italy simone@brahmino.com

Cinzia Bolognesi

The eyes see, the imagination has the power to tell. The way to tell, for me, is the draw. Illustration is my passion. I refined my skills in digital drawing techniques, and this allowed me to grow up as a Graphic Designer and Digital Illustrator.

Gabriele Infranca

Creative, digital strategist and Collater.al co-founder. Completely addicted to street photography, perspective and symmetry with the name @inanutshell.

Giulia Scarpaleggia - 1 post

Ciao, I’m a food writer and photographer. I teach Tuscan cooking classes in the countryside to Italians and foreigner tourists. I am born and bred in Tuscany. I live in the house that my family built in the countryside between Siena and Florence with my partner Tommaso and my sheep dog, Noa. In 2009 I opened my food blog, Juls’ Kitchen. In 2012 I decided to quit my daily job and work full time to realize my dreams and follow my passion for food. In 2017 I published my 5th cookbook, La Cucina dei Mercati in Toscana, which explores the best Tuscan food markets and their most typical recipes. I share on my blog my love for Tuscany, its landscape, its history and mostly its amazing products.

Giuseppe Mondì - 3 posts

Content &Community Manager, photographer on the off days. Anything else? A peek at Masinutoscana and you’ll discover a whole new world!

Martino Pietropoli - 1 post

Unpredicatable, sunny and radiant, I hate wrongdoings! Architect and photographer, I think most things happen on the border of the visible and that's why I like to shoot out of the corner of my eye

Valentina Locatelli - 3 posts

When I was young I thought I was becoming a trapeze artist, a truck driver and a dolphin trainer, then when I turned 10 my grandmother taught me to cross stitch and I started to embroider words. Writer, reporter, storyteller

Sara De Luigi - 2 posts