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What Italyis Is the story of what we love most in our country.
It is a journey in its culture, history and wonders.

Made w/ love by a beautiful human collective.

andremeta - 1 post

Simone Bramante

@brahmino is one of the most celebrated creative photographers on Instagram in 2013, published on Forbes, Chicago Tribune. Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, ABC Cable TV. Based in Bologna, Italy simone@brahmino.com

Cinzia Bolognesi

The eyes see, the imagination has the power to tell. The way to tell, for me, is the draw. Illustration is my passion. I refined my skills in digital drawing techniques, and this allowed me to grow up as a Graphic Designer and Digital Illustrator.

Donatella Sedda - 1 post

Photography has always been seemingly just history. Then I went into a darkroom and a few years later, I came out with an Instagram account... Today, I may have a problem!

Gabriele Infranca

Creative, digital strategist and Collater.al co-founder. Completely addicted to street photography, perspective and symmetry with the name @inanutshell.

Ciao, I’m a food writer and photographer. I teach Tuscan cooking classes in the countryside to Italians and foreigner tourists. I am born and bred in Tuscany. I live in the house that my family built in the countryside between Siena and Florence with my partner Tommaso and my sheep dog, Noa. In 2009 I opened my food blog, Juls’ Kitchen. In 2012 I decided to quit my daily job and work full time to realize my dreams and follow my passion for food. In 2017 I published my 5th cookbook, La Cucina dei Mercati in Toscana, which explores the best Tuscan food markets and their most typical recipes. I share on my blog my love for Tuscany, its landscape, its history and mostly its amazing products.

Giulia Ficicchia

Marta Milanese

Concrete blonde since 1990. Tall and thin on the exterior, inside a mix between Bridget Jones and Hannah Horvath, with a touch of Miranda Priestly. Gold medal streaming, hot about analog.

Giuseppe Mondì - 3 posts

Content &Community Manager, photographer on the off days. Anything else? A peek at Masinutoscana and you’ll discover a whole new world!

Unpredicatable, sunny and radiant, I hate wrongdoings! Architect and photographer, I think most things happen on the border of the visible and that's why I like to shoot out of the corner of my eye

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